Pink Fire Pointer Mantra: Letting Go of Shame & Guilt

Mantra: Letting Go of Shame & Guilt

Sometimes we all harbor shame in our lives whether it be from things we've been told by others or things we've done. Shame and guilt keeps our self-esteem low and without releasing those emotions or beliefs into love, we cannot heal. It doesn't matter why it's there or where it came it from. The fact is it is still there. We must realize that we are not our mistakes and we are NOT what others label us to be. We ARE Love and we ARE reflections of the Divine...we ARE the Divine. Release your shame and guilt today. Forgive yourself which simply means to let it go. There is no right or wrong, only lessons to be learned.


I AM that I AM and that doesn't change. I am enough.

Loving Light to all of you <3 Namaste <3