Pink Fire Pointer My Gratitude Awakening

My Gratitude Awakening

I have always been a person to say 'thank you' people, to situations, to self, to Spirit...but not long ago I found myself in a motel room that wasn't the best I've been to. It was kind of run down and I wasn't too happy with the condition. Funds were low and we had to have a place to stay so we stayed there. In the morning while I was taking my shower before the kids woke up, I was looking at the bathroom and I wasn't feeling too comfortable about it. Just then my inner voice said, "What do you see?" I said, "A nasty bathroom that is skeevin me out." Then it hit me..."No! I see a place that gave me shelter and a place to shower and use the bathroom. I wasn't cold last night and my children had a bed to sleep in." It was then when I realized gratitude on such
on a deeper level. And I asked the question, "What is gratitude, exactly? How do I feel gratitude on that deeper level?" And the answer was this, "Simply find a way to love everything you are and everything you have. Let go of the judgments you still carry and allow yourself to see the love in everything."

That night, we stayed in a nice hotel and a good friend, who I hadn't seen since I was in the 8th grade, called me and asked me to pick him up. So I did and when he got to the hotel, he paid for 2 more nights, filled my truck with gas and provided food for my kids. He's been a part of my life ever since.

We go through tough times and sometimes instead of saying 'thank you' (and meaning it) we just want to get out. But there are lessons to learn in everything we experience and when we can find joy in what we some way...then that's when we release more into our lives.

Be grateful! When you aren't happy with a situation or a person or an experience or even something about yourself, find SOMETHING to love. Gratitude IS love! ♥