Pink Fire Pointer Surrender


Today, Spirit came to me and told me that it is time to surrender. If I want to change my circumstances I must let go of stubbornness. I am the type of person who thinks I can do it all myself. I stand firm and let nothing take me under. This makes it difficult for me to learn at times. Surrendering to what is and allowing ourselves to just let go and be vulnerable makes the flow of love in our lives so much smoother. It makes the journey easier and we learn lessons more quickly and with more ease and grace. Letting go of fear and all that holds us back allows us to mold our lives into what our soul and Spirit are guiding us to be. A potter cannot form anything out of dry hard clay. The clay must be soft and pliable; easy to work with and having the least amount of resistance. What is keeping you from reaching that place of vulnerability; that place where you can be shaped and molded into something even better? Ask what is holding you back. Ask what keeps you from being vulnerable and soft...then let it go. It no longer serves you. Thank it for serving you in the past and love it for that...then let it go that the essence of YOU may come forth in an even grander way. When you do, you will learn your lessons with ease and grace; you will learn through joy!!

Much Loving Light to all of you <3 Namaste <3