Pink Fire Pointer Which is better; the easy road or the difficult road?

Which is better; the easy road or the difficult road?

This is a conversation between my son when he was facing some adversity in his life:

Son: I'm just tired of all of this. Why does it seem like we always have to struggle when there are easier ways to get where we are trying to go?

Me: Things will get better, son. We can't lose hope.

Son: Picture it like this: you're walking down a path and there is a deep hole on one side and a smooth path on the other. If one person goes in the hole and the other on the path, who will get there first?

Me: But who will be stronger?

We have to embrace the storms of our lives. They are teaching us and although it may not be fun, we can still have joy through the journey. That doesn't mean that you walk around like nothing is happening; it means you can have peace in the KNOWING that when you come through, you will be stronger and better than you were before. This is having joy through the journey. When you know it's for your highest and best good, that should excited you! But when we look at our struggles with sorrow and heaviness, it causes us to stay in the turbulent times longer than necessary and we feel beaten down. Just ask that you go through it with ease and grace and be happy because you are growing and expanding and becoming more.