Pink Fire Pointer 3 Card Reading from Earth Magic Oracle

3 Card Reading from Earth Magic Oracle

The first card is the MEADOW and the theme is vulnerability. ;) Vulnerability is key, but we don't want to make ourselves vulnerable to every single thing that is out there. We want to be open and honest and vulnerable to ourselves and to Spirit and that means stepping out of our comfort zone and allowing ourselves to express the love that is in our hearts. What makes you feel uncomfortable when you express yourself is when you are vulnerable. It's exposing the deepest parts of you; the ones you hide and keep under a veil of protection. Love takes many forms and sometimes it's in expressing hurt or anger, but always with balance and respect. Whatever is in your heart...especially the deepest things, have to come to light and they have to be healed in order for you to move past them. It doesn't matter what they are or where they came from. The fact is that they are there. Going inwardly to get to know ourselves is the first step in healing and becoming vulnerable. The key to allowing yourself to vulnerable is TRUST! Trust yourself and trust Spirit. How do we gain trust? We can only trust someone fully when we know them completely and that even goes for ourselves. Knowing that there will be times when others will not understand or will act or speak out their own pain and project that onto you requires trust. Get to know yourself and in getting to know yourself, you get to now Spirit. This is how you come to trust. So when you trust, you know that you are safe and that if you are mocked or if someone projects negative emotions toward you, you can't take it seriously. See it for what it is, but don't attach to it. It is only there to grow you. If it hurts, feel the pain and move on but don't hide from what makes you vulnerable because that is giving away your power! ♥ The second card is WATERFALL and the theme is effortless. Wouldn't we all love to have a life where everything flows as naturally as nature itself. An effortless life would be a dream life. Everything just flowing as it should. And even when we face obstacles, we can tackle them effortlessly. Everything just flowing with ease and with peace; That is the life we all crave. But in order to have that life we must be vulnerable so that it CAN flow and we must work on ourselves inwardly to face the obstacles and come to a place of surrender so all can flow effortlessly. We create our own resistance with our emotions and beliefs. Surrendering leads us to a beautiful life without resistance. There are things we hold on to that really aren't for our highest good and this creates resistance or as some would call it, blocks. There are emotions within us that simply need to surface and come to love. There are fears that need the same attention. We don't attach ourselves to these things, we simply let them flow. Let them surface, feel the feelings and let them go in love. We are here to be effective in the earth in order to bring in more light and more love to diminish the darkness. But it's nothing to fear. We can handle it or we would not have chosen it. We can be the example of an effortless life and that will spark something in another and another and so on. ♥ The path of least resistance allows for movement in our lives. Surrendering allows the flow of the RIVER (3rd card) to move us along our way. If we go with the flow of the river and don't fight the current, things run smoothly. When we fight the current, it leaves us tired...exhausted. This means just be with your feelings. Meditate and find a place of peace within you...a place where the current of love within you washes away all that no longer serves you...all that drags you down. You must take time to nurture yourself as much as you nurture your children. Don't tell yourself there will be time for you when your kids are grown or when this happens or that. No! You need time for you NOW. We get emotionally strung out when we neglect ourselves and then we are not effective AT ALL. You can have the same situations and same circumstances in your life as you do at this moment and not feel so heavy by them. You can flow through life with ease and grace...passing through the emotions that hold you back with ease as well. This is a time for you to take even 20 minutes a day to connect with yourself and stay in touch with what is going on with you. We get so busy caring for others that we forget about ourselves and then we become bitter and resentment comes in. Look at life as a mirror and every situation and person as a reflection of you and something going on within you. Have you ever heard people say "God first, then marriage and then children?" Well, you are god. You are an extension of god on this earth. You must put you first and then your family. I know that sounds CRAZY and so against what we are conditioned to believe but it is true. We cannot serve others if we do not serve ourselves first! I had to learn that the hard way and until I began to put myself first and started to balance myself with my children, my life was hell. There was always chaos, always stress...always SOMETHING!! And there always will be something but it's all in how you handle it. It's about balance. There is a great energy of balance in this moment. We are on the verge one of the greatest energetic shifts we have seen in 26,000 years and WE must be balanced! If we are going to help others to find their way through the darkness, we must first be in the light and we must be able to handle things with love ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS. There has to be balance in giving and receiving. Love isn't just about giving to those we hold dear, it's about receiving as well. We cannot give something we have not yet received. Right? We are just vessels...we are channels of love energy to the earth. This is the flow we need to be's not us moving with the flow so much as it is the flow moving through us and us just being surrendered to this. Surrender and allow balance to come. Set healthy boundaries and speak your truth. No matter what lie fear tells you, speak your yourself...we are the voice of Spirit and there are people waiting to hear from YOU!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Namaste ♥ ♥ ♥ Much loving light blessings to all my wonderful and beautiful brothers and sisters in our group! Each of you are precious and each of you are important!! Remember who you are and why you are here and give your power to no one ♥ ♥ ♥