Pink Fire Pointer I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I am a sanctuary for my own brokenness and a sanctuary for others
I am a tower beaming over the medieval kingdom
I am the lady of the wood…even the animals find me inviting
I am the healer of hearts and the release of emotions
I am the voice that speaks only truth and love
I am the expression of the Divine
I am the void of creation…an empty womb where all is possible
I am the love of a lifetime
I am the laughter of a child
I am the soft touch of a grandmother
I am ancient yet I am new
I am all you ever hoped to be
I am all that you seek
I am the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze
I am the fragrant flower
I am the gaze of the stars watching over you
I am the fullness of the moon lighting the way in darkness
I am ocean’s waves
I am the sand of the sea
I am tree standing tall through the storm
I am the reflection in the calmest waters
I am the light within and the light without
I am the kind soul who helps the elderly and less fortunate
I am the tear that falls down the face of the brokenhearted
I am the hug between friends and the kiss between lovers
I am the rain that cleanses the earth and the sky
I am the earthquake that breaks down
I am the volcano that purifies
I am the death and the rebirth
I am all there ever was
I am all there ever will be
I am everywhere and I am nowhere
I am the bow as well as the arrow
I am the mountain standing strong and proud
I am the valley where life can flourish
I am the lightning
I am the thunder
I am the mother
I am the child
I am the teacher
I am the student
I am the seeker who sees and the seer who seeks
I am everything and I am nothing
I am the beloved
I am the healer because I am healed
I am the bird soaring high in the air
I am the butterfly lying lightly on the petal
I am the planets
I am the galaxies
I am the rainbow bridge and the pot of gold at the end
I am the eyes that see beyond

I am you and you are me
I am all of this and so much more
I am that I am...I am LOVE...